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Welcome to the latest website from SPANKING SARAH. I have had so many requests to feature age regression, diaper discipline, schooldays and loads of the prettiest girls around and so I am making my own films with my own special slant on these subjects and kinks. All my films will be shot and produced in full 4K to give you the very best viewing experience. Most of the films on this site I will have produced just for this site but if I have a film on another site I think you will like I will feature it here.

Enjoy this my latest site, here you will find a growing number of videos and pictures in place at the moment and they will be added to all the time. As well as the usual length videos there will also be extra long ones, some taken from other sites and which I think may interest you. If you take a membership then you will keep this price for as long as you maintain your membership.

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Pain and regression for Alora Lux Free Clip
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Mommy sarah spanks four naughty girls Free clip
Age regression and spanking
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Cheerleader gets the strapp Free clip 2
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Humping the plushie humping my friend, Dry humping special FREE CLIP
Regression of Essie FREE CLIP
The cane for Essie FREE CLIP
Th further regression of Essie Free clip
Hard punishment for Essie Free clip
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Large update
MILF Regressed Free clip
Violet humilited Free Clip
Custom Kinks
Large update
Caning for willow Free Clip
Showered diapered and spanked free clip
Full feature update spr-2237
Age regression and spanking
New three part story
her temperature is taken again. Just to add to the ritual humiliation and help Morgan realise that if she acts like a teen, she will be treated like one. She is then back over the knee in getting her bottom spanked once more. Firstly, over her little girl panties and then on the bare bottom. Sarah has a very hard hand and uses it to maximum effect to try and help Morgan realise the error of her ways. Free clip
Hairbrush spanking for Morgan spr-2221
Lesson for a nasty niece FREE CLIP
new four part series
The cane for two naughty girls The cane for two
As an additional punishment, Alora and Essie have been made to change into their little maids’ uniforms and told to clean the house from top to bottom.   They are both very sore and irritable and despise each other.  Essie never ever wanted Alora to join the household and has done everything she can to make her feel unwelcome.   Alora is only there under duress and doesn’t want to put up with any petty jealousies from Essie.   It is not long until they find something to fight about and are soon grappling on the floor kicking, pulling hair and trying to get the better of each other.   These grown women just can’t help acting like spoilt little brats. Step Mommy Sarah hears the noise and walks into the chaos.  She has just about had enough of these two and their terrible behaviour.    How difficult can it be for two women to get on?   Step Mommy Sarah spanks the pair of them.   She believes that if they like rolling on the floor, then they can be spanked on the floor.  First of all individually on all fours while Step Mommy stands over them.   This gives Sarah a real hard swing and the smacks are fast and furious.  When they’ve both been humiliated, and soundly smacked Sarah decides that they should then be punished together.   Alora remains in the floor on all fours and Essie goes astride her back.  A tower of bottoms for Step Mommy Sarah to spank.  Both girls cry and claim that they have learnt their lessons but Sarah is not convinced and sends them both off to change into their punishment uniforms. free clip
Two girls get the strap free clip
spanking and anal fingering Free Clip
Lovely young Violet is accused of bed wetting but so are you! Now who is the guilty party and will they own up. It seems not, so It is Violet who will be punished. She is dressed in her little girl pyjamas and she has to go over Mommy’s knee for a good hard bare bottom spanking. But that’s not all. As she may have been the one to wet the bed she is going to have to be put into a diaper. This she finds very embarrassing and pleads with Mommy Sarah to let her off this humiliation but she will not be excused. Naughty girls have to be punished. She has to lay on the bed whilst Mommy Sarah puts her into a full diaper and further humiliates her by making her show this off to you. This is a great POV film free clip
The hard punishment of a cheerleader Free Clip
Vicki has been sent upstairs to take off her sexy dress and put on a girly little school uniform. She has also been told to put her hair in bunches with ribbons and to take off of her womanly high heels and swap them for flats. She is now dressed like a little girl. She comes down the stairs and sits down on her Sugar Mommies knee whilst she is being reminded of all the new rules that she will have to abide by. Free clip
It’s been a while since Step Mommy Sarah has seen her sugar baby but she has kept abreast of how she has been doing and knows that she has recently been kicked out of a flat that her latest conquest had rented for her. FREE CLIP
Pissing diapered and spanked spr-2176
Alora is on her bed dressed in her best party dress and eating sweets. Step Mommy Sarah discovers her and after some questioning it turns out that she has stolen the sweets from the supply Sarah was putting together for her friends birthdays. Alora tries to lie her way out of trouble, this just makes matters worse. She has to be punished and she knows just what is coming. She is in for a hard spanking but this time it will be given in the very humiliating diaper position. She has to lay down and lift her legs, her panties are taken down round her ancles and then she gets a real hard spanking that does not stop even when she has tears and kicks and screams. spr-2175
Mature lady regressed
Massive sixty min film FREE FILM
Great four part series
 As Essie enters the kitchen at the home of Miss Sarah Stern she is thinking to herself, will this punishment ever end. Unfortunately for her it will not be ending anytime soon. This is the final part of the story of Essie, a beautiful young lady who was unfaithful to her partner, she spent money and time on herself in order to attract other lovers. Unfortunately, her partner was related to Miss Sarah Stern and she found out about the affairs she had been having and was determined to put Essie back on the straight and narrow path of fidelity. After the humiliations and the spankings and hair brushing, she has received over the last couple of days Essie just does not want to endure any more pain but she knows there is no way out for her. She stands in the kitchen as Miss Sarah tells her just what will be happening to her. There is a special caning stool in the middle of the floor, Essie has to strip naked and bend over the stool. Sarah swishes the cane through the air and tells her how many strokes she is to get. Then the caning starts. Hard and accurate strokes placed in lines across her bare bottom. This is a real lesson for her, pain and humiliation for a grown woman now reduced to a sobbing teenager. Then after the caning stops her bottom is massaged with oils. What more is to come? Free clip
When Lulu Lamb moved into a new neighbourhood she had no idea of just how much her life would change. As her Husband works away she was often bored and this led to her doing silly and inconsiderate things which lead to trouble. Fortunately she found a mentor in an older and more mature lady who agreed to keep Lulu in line and punish her when the need arises. Sarah Stern is firm but fair and knows exactly how to keep a fully grown woman who acts like a brat in line. Lulu has already felt her hard hand and the sting of the hairbrush but she is soon to feel the cane. Lulu has committed the ultimate sin of embarrassing her Step Mommy in public. Sarah is furious and drags her naughty charge into the house by her ear. Poor Lulu knows she has overstepped the mark and has never ever been caned before. She is terrified, especially when Sarah starts swishing her cane in the air. Sarah believes that 12 hard strokes administered to the bare bottom are required and tells Lulu to apologise and ask for each one. Poor Lulu is made to kneel in the naughty chair. She knows full well that her pain and humiliation could be witnessed as the builders are due to arrive at anytime. Stroke after hard stroke have her close to tears and left with a red and welted bottom.  She is then sent to the corner for an hour to reflect on her shame Free clip
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 The pain increases for Essie as Miss Sarah really gets into the swing of regressing her from the slutty adult she is to the naughty schoolgirl she is becoming. From that it is hoped that her behaviour will improve. This is the continuing story of Essie, a beautiful young lady who was unfaithful to her partner, she spent money and time on herself in order to attract other lovers. Unfortunately, her partner was related to Miss Sarah Stern and she found out about the affairs she had been having and was determined to put Essie back on the straight and narrow path of fidelity. In this part of her regression session Essie has to report at a given time, carrying a cane which will be used on her and she has to tell you just what is happening, she finds this very embarrassing. What is to follow is even more painful than anything that has come before. Dressed in her little girl vest and knickers she has to stand in front of Miss Sarah while her breasts and body are stroked and explored. Then comes the pain. A special hairbrush is used by Miss Sarah on her bare bottom, this make of hairbrush is used by those who know about these things as it imparts a nasty sting. Bent over the knee she gets the most blistering spanking which leaves her bottom red and well bruised. To end, she has to pick up the cane and take it t o the kitchen where she is to suffer more pain. FREE CLIP FROM MOMMYSARAHSPANKS
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Lulu is a little girl for step mommy Sarah
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Lulu Lamb has recently moved into a new house with her Husband.  He works away a lot and she is often alone.  She has done a few things which have upset her neighbours and Sarah Stern sends her a letter explaining what she has done wrong and asking politely if she could rectify her behaviour.   A furious Lulu storms around to Sarah’s house, bangs on the door and immediately starts shouting and cursing.   Sarah remains calm but kindly asked Lulu to moderate her language whilst in her home.  Lulu ignores this and continues to cuss.   Sarah mentions that if Lulu was her Stepdaughter that she’d be over the knee and getting a good hard spanking for her potty mouth.   Lulu cannot believe what she is hearing!  After some more heated exchanges, Sarah suggests that Lulu goes home and has a good think about her behaviour.   Lulu returns a short time later and apologises for her previous dirty talk and bratty behaviour.   Sarah thanks her but as Lulu is about to leave, she asked Sarah whether she thinks she should get a spanking.   Sarah informs Lulu that she certainly deserves one but it won’t be a few little taps on her bratty bottom, it will involve her skirt being raised, her knickers pulled down to her knees and her bare bottom smacked until she is red and sore.   A nervous Lulu agrees, and Sarah invites her into the living room and gets her to stand in the corner with her hands on her head to think about exactly what is to come.

Eventually Sarah beckons her to stand in front of her and double checks that Lulu knows what she is letting herself in for.  Once Sarah starts the spanking, she is not going to stop until she is satisfied that Lulu has been well and truly punished.

A nervous and rather subdued Lulu goes over the knee.  She is surprised at just how hard Sarah can smack and is soon wriggling and kicking her legs.  The spanks are hard and expertly applied to her bare bottom.   Soon her bum is smarting, red and sore yet the spanking continues.  Eventually Sarah relents and puts Lulu back in the corner to think about her behaviour. spr-2193
Part one of our feature
This is the story about Essie, a beautiful young lady who was unfaithful to her partner, she spent money and time on herself in order to attract other lovers. Unfortunately, her partner was related to Miss Sarah Stern and she found out about the affairs she had been having and was determined to put Essie back on the straight and narrow path of fidelity.  Summoning Essie to her home she soon had this young lady in a position where she had to agree to obey the instructions and the punishments given to her during her stay. After getting Essie to admit to her slutty behaviour Miss Sarah sent her to a bedroom where she found a young girl’s school uniform laid out ready for her to change into. On her return she was lectured about her behaviour and told there would be rules to follow whilst she was with Sarah. There would also be regular inspections of her panties to make sure they were always clean. Then it was time for her first spanking. She was placed over the knee, her school skirt raised, and she was spanked first on her school knickers and then on her bare bottom. A severe and painful introduction to her new life under control. FREE FILM
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Sofia is on her bed wearing a lovely new diaper and she is showing it off on her webcam. She is playing with her diaper and stroking her bottom and privates and humping her teddy bear. She is talking about getting a spanking and is quite happy when step Mommy Sarah comes into the room and watches her. They talk about the diaper and then Sarah gives her a good spanking over the diaper. Next Sarah has to examine it to make sure that Sofia has not wet herself. She has to lay on her back, legs back as the diaper is removed and she is carefully examined. Once Sarah is happy Sofia has to go back over the knee for a bare bottom spanking and in the diaper position before being given a nice cuddle. Free clip
The cane for a wicked step mom
This great story comes to a painful and humiliating conclusion as Kali becomes more disillusioned by her stay with Sarah and Violet, she has to find a way out and that comes after she is made to suffer a bare bottom spanking for having dirty knickers, she is totally humiliated and decides to go and pack her case and leave. Violet finds out what she is up to and now feels let down after being so kind to this horrible woman. She takes it upon herself to hand out a spanking to Kali and step Mommy Sarah joins in. Then as a final punishment to Kali Sarah tells her she is to be caned. A long and hard bare bottom caning is given which will leave her in tears and pain free clip
The continuing story of the regression of Violet and her wicked stepmom Kali. After violet is caught spanking her stepmother Sarah decides it’s about time she dealt with both these naughty girls, she is mad with them and intends to thrash their bottoms. Violet is first over the knee to get a real hard bottom beating with step Mom Sarah’s slipper, boy this hurts and she shows it. Next, they are both told to go and change into their little girls clothes and report back for more slipperings. This time Kali is first over the knee for her punishment and then Violet goes over again for more with the slipper. Later that day Kali is on hands and knees cleaning the kitchen floor when both girls realise that they are late for their daily inspection, so they have to rush and change into the right clothing and wait lined up for inspection by step Sarah. free clip
Step mum and daughter punished together free clip
The step mothers story free clip
schooltime double film
To school in her diaper free film
Humiliation spanking diaper for Morgan free clip
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Eve plays in her diaper Free clip
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Eve is supposed to be at school but has instead is claiming that she does not feel well. Sarah Stern Is nobody’s fool and is well aware of the tricks young girls play to get off school and she is not going to fall for any of that. free clip
Double bill this week
A painful time for vickie in this great double bill free clip
A nasty surprise for Vickie Free clip
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Layla is caught late at night when she should be in her bed, in the kitchen eating and drinking, this is against the strict rules that Sarah has given to Layla and which are there to guide her behaviour. For this she is placed over the knee and given a spanking with the hand and then with a leather slipper and warned that there will be a knickers inspection later. The inspection turns up soiled and dirty knickers, this is a serious infringement of the rules and severe punishment will follow. Layla is sent to bed where her temperature is taken rectal she is ordered to put on her little girls school uniform and report for punishment. The first part of her punishment is a spanking over school knickers and then on the bare bottom. Next Layla has to kneel on the punishment stool bottom well in the air as Sarah swats her bare bottom with a lexan paddle. This is hellishly painful and leaves Layla with a very bruised and marked bottom which she has to stand in the window and display. A very painful punishment for this mature lady who has never been punished before. free clip
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